Fechuky - Delegate to me

Alias: Fechuky
Wallet: 0x87E1e08eDAfD16346d8328e2CF260ff8Bdad9e84

Hello, I’m Felipe! I’m an Argentine university student studying Business Administration who loves Polkadot, DeFi and Web3. I started in crypto a little over two years ago. I have been an active member of the Moonwell community and I have recently joined the Moonwell community moderation team.

I am an ambassador for different projects in the Polkadot ecosystem (Unique Network, OAK Network, Tapio Protocol, and Moonwell). A few months ago I was at Polkadot Decoded in Buenos Aires, where I represented Unique Network and met many incredible people from the greater Polkadot community.

Statement of Intent:
As a delegate, I commit myself to being to being an active contributor to Moonwell Governance through voting, deliberation, and proposal creation. I will listen to the ideas of the community, keep my constituents informed of my voting direction, and propose updates that will benefit Moonwell and it’s users. I will also continue to educate myself on the workings of the protocol and stay up to date of the latest developments in the Dotsama ecosystem.

Discord: Fechuky25#1261
Twitter: @Fechuky_
Delegate to: 0x87E1e08eDAfD16346d8328e2CF260ff8Bdad9e84