MFAM on Kucoin "We Want Kucoin"

Hi Team.

We need to attract new investors to the project,
What do you think about MFAM being included in the Kucoin list?
we MFAM holders could we make a vote for it to be listed on the exchange as soon as possible?
We need more visibility, and we haven’t heard from the MFAM in a long time.
We want MFAM on Kucoin!
Help me support this initiative.

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I’m not very knowledgeable on this, but exchanges seem to list tokens based on trading volume. I think DAO release for Apollo will add volume as a MFAM utility will be created.

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Good point.

In fact, these are two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, if listing is paid by the team, then we will have more volume, more people will know about MFAM and Apollo and yes, this will increase MFAM value. On the other hand, paid listing looks like a pump and dump scheme. The golden mean is listings that occur on their own, that is, on the initiative of exchanges.



想知道我們"做市"能不能達成上幣條件 :flushed:

as soon as volume hits up, kucoin and others will list it by themself…no need to pay

kucoin對於volume 的需求有大概的參考值嗎 ,也許我們可以試試 :flushed: